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We design and facilitate strategy workshops and engagement processes to allow for the focused generation of innovative ideas and competitive, disruptive positioning. Building on past success, identifying what needs to change and what should stay the same we create pathways to the future.

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Our deep experience in futures, strategy, organisation design and transformational change enables us to craft bespoke strategy that is relevant in a fast changing world and capable of being executed rapidly and sustainably.

Our clients transcend the public and private sectors, commercial and social enterprises as well as philanthropic foundations. Our most important client acquisition criteria is simple – will this make a positive difference in the world?

  • Strategic research and analysis
    Design and implement optimised strategy crafting, navigation and execution processes
  • Design and facilitate strategy workshops and reviews
  • Design and facilitate business model innovation workshops
  • Craft, articulate and deconstruct strategy into compelling documents, plans, kpis and execution pathways
  • Design and facilitate large scale employee / stakeholder strategic engagement and alignment workshops and processes


Whilst the future is always uncertain, there are approaches, tools and techniques that enable us to be prescient – to see the underlying patterns that shape a changing world, evolving marketplaces and citizen expectations.

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We are masters in the art of using the appropriate futures methodologies and tools to research, analyse and interpret data, to transform it into rich strategic intelligence and pragmatic, implementable solutions. We don’t predict the future, we build plausible opportunity-based scenarios against which important strategic and operational decisions can be made. In this way we inform the design of products, services and solutions that deliver real future value. From strategy, organisation design, innovation capability to imagining the digitally enabled workplace of the future – futures thinking and purposeful choices inform success.

  • Research and develop Future Scans informing industry, product and marketplace analysis – ‘The Future of …’
  • Facilitate product, packaging, brand, experience, service and solutions ideation
  • Facilitate Design Thinking sprints, scrums and capability building
  • Design and facilitate scenario planning initiatives


Without bringing about fundamental, transformative change, organisations run the risk of gradually, then suddenly losing their relevance. We have partnered with leaders to bring about strategy-focused change in organisations throughout South Africa, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

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Change is all about ways of accelerating and sustaining success – at an individual, team, divisional, organisational and ecosystems level. It requires deep understanding of neuroscience, resistance and collective engagement. Our two most important mantras are borrowed from some of the greatest thought leaders in this field – ‘Organisations don’t change – it is people within organisations that change’ (Anon) and ‘People don’t resist change, they resist being changed!’ (Peter Senge).

Everything that we do is informed by change philosophy and practice – it infuses the way we engage and design workshops. We have worked and learnt, standing on the shoulders of many of the masters of transformational change. We are deeply grateful for their generosity of spirit, their advice, support and teaching each and every day. It is in this way that we have mastered approaches such as Design Thinking, Real Time Strategic Change, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, the Conference Model, Polarity Thinking and Open Space. We situationally harness and integrate the best of our learnings into bespoke change designs and processes.

  • Support, advise and guide change leaders
  • Design appropriate change processes – transformational, transitional and developmental
    Capacitate, train and support change practitioners
  • Design and develop bespoke change methodologies and toolkits
  • Facilitate conflict, dysfunction and complexity simplification processes
  • Infuse strategic transformation processes with change approaches and tools


Great work requires an appropriate enabling environment. It’s not just about structure. It’s about the systemic interplay between strategy, structure, technology, culture, ways of working, people and leaders that brings out the very best contributions to success.

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In today’s world not all of an organisation’s work is performed by employees – this means we need to understand the broader ecosystem and how it comes together to deliver value. Contingent employees, digital nomads, out-sourced specialists, consultants and strategic business partners are all part of the new expanded view of organisations. We ignore this holistic view at our peril.

Designing flattened, responsive and agile organisations resilient in the face of ongoing change requires deep experience, an understanding of the simplicity within complexity and engagement at all levels. Developing digitally interconnected structures, work-places and ways of working in today’s multi-generational organisation requires a breadth of understanding of technology, change and process innovation. We understand that innovative organisation design is the ultimate enabler of strategy execution. This is our daily mission. It’s our world of immersion in our clients reality, our deep expertise and passion.

  • Design optimised, engaged, resilient and Futurefit organisations
  • Organisation design audits, assessments and reviews
  • Lead, facilitate and support structural change interventions
  • Facilitate ‘ecosystem in the room’ ideation, visioning and planning


In our fast changing, VUCA world, Innovation is the most important capability for organisations to develop and successfully apply. Failing to do so is a sure-fire way to lose relevance with consumers and to sustain outdated business models and work practices that erode competitiveness. Its not enough to say that you’re innovative, innovation is a learned discipline, supported by systems that visibly demonstrate the extent of your innovation pipeline, ensure the necessary governance and measure actual and potential return on investment.

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We have over fifty years of collective experience in innovation at corporate, business unit, brand and product levels, working with clients to set up their Front-End Innovation structures and training people to use methodologies such as Design Thinking to support the implementation of Innovation projects.

We configure and customize Design Thinking to suit specific organizational contexts and develop tools within the approach based upon a client’s specific requirements.


If you are looking for an inspiring speaker for your annual conference of a facilitator for your conference deliberations, we are able to assist. Our broad experience across the fields of futures, strategy and strategic change means that we are comfortable talking about technology, the new world of work, strategic leadership and innovation. We are also highly experienced in designing and facilitating large and small group problem solving, planning or visioning processes in accordance with a clients’ requirements and desired outcomes.

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Examples of recent or current speaking engagements include:

  • Employee engagement in the future world of work – 2019 All Africa Employee Engagement Conference
  • The African Continental Free Trade Agreement – adapting to change or creating further barriers to trade for business? – 2019 Cosmetic Industry Summit
  • Futures Masterclass – 2019 Innovation Summit

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