African Continental Free Trade Agreement – Blessing or a Curse?

The recently signed African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) has not reached the consciousness of many South Africans. Perhaps this is a result of ambivalence or a sense of cynicism around its implementation. Whatever the case, one thing is crystal clear. The current populist tendency to xenophobia will need to be pro-actively countered to ensure […]

Agile in the future world of work

Is it possible that, in future, the people who deliver most value to an organisation will never show up on its organisation chart? Scary thought, but a reality as many organisations move towards an ever more contingent workforce consisting of independent contractors, outsourced service providers, consultants and limited duration contract workers. The age of the […]

A Two Edged Sword – Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

It could be argued that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4th IR) is the first ‘revolution’ of its kind that Africa is able to be a true ‘free agent’ with the ability to make important choices and influence its own destiny. Perhaps this is the very reason why the Fourth Industrial Revolution has the most potential […]

Digital Transformation – what does it really mean

The term ‘digital transformation’ often means very different things to different people – as countries, companies and individuals redefine the notion of becoming digitally enabled to meet the challenges and opportunities offered up by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. All countries and companies occupy different starting points in the evolution and development of their technological capabilities […]

Future of the workforce and implications for South Arica

The structure of organisations has evolved at a slow pace since the beginning of the Twentieth Century.  The advent of a hypercompetitive, globalised world with new centres of power and changing demographics coupled with the disruptive effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, forces a significant rethink of organisations, structure, resourcing and ways of operating.  Organisations […]

You don’t (and shouldn’t) have to go it alone in business!

In today’s world, the mantra seems increasingly to be ‘you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to go it alone’. This goes from strategic partnerships and collaborative ventures all the way through to harnessing the power of a broad ecosystem to improve decision making and accelerate action. Drive into any petrol station forecourt and you will see […]